Maxine Waters: Trump Will Be Impeached By December [Video]

One thing you can say with certainty about Rep Maxine Waters is that she is determined to destroy Pres Trump and see him impeached. Heck she’s been at this since election day and has gotten worse by the day, as many sites have been documenting.

A lot of lies in this clip to say the least. There’s no proof the DNC was hacked by the Russians, maybe if they let the FBI have access to their server we’d know for sure. All the claims/ suits of alleged sexual harassment disappeared into thin air. There weren’t 17 intel agencies, there were 4, the statement was retracted (very bottom of pg)by NY Times.

Curious, when Robert Mueller’s special investigation finds nothing what will happen? Collusion is not a crime, so what exactly would/ could Trump be impeached over? When did Pres Trump, per the Constitution, commit “treason, bribery, and other high crimes and misdemeanors” to justify this investigation? Will Waters and other democrats calling for Pres Trump’s impeachment call foul, demand an investigation into Mueller? Will they suggest collusion, or obstruction between his investigation and people within the administration?

This witch hunt started by the Left is getting way out of hand. The Democrat party and their devout followers fanaticism to destroy the President of the United States has become so bad people are incapable of having civil discussions. There are far too many people suggesting civil war is brewing over what many call a soft coup to remove Trump by the hands of the Democrats.

Are Democrats truly prepared to spark an armed conflict over losing at the ballot box Nov 8th, 2016?!

FYI 90 million Americans are in possession of 300 million plus weapons and billions if not trillions of rounds of ammunition. The majority of those gun owners are on the Right. The Left, being anti-gun, tends to wet their pants at the sight of a Pop-Tart shaped like a gun while they can’t figure out which bathroom to use! You guys on the Left sure you want to ride this train??