Trump Supporter Grabs and Tosses Mexican Flag From Protester at Rally [Video]

As a protester was being removed from Pres Trump’s rally today, she was proudly waving a Mexican flag, that clearly upset attendees. One Trump supporter was so offended, he grabbed the flag, tossed it as the crowd cheered!

Is it right to take someones property? No, but the moment these Leftists become such a problem they have to be escorted out by security… they get what they deserve. Let’s be honest she brought that flag to use as tool, even a “weapon” to cause a disruption.

Leftists are obsessed with waving the Mexican flag in American patriots face’s, with the intent to upset and disrupt pro-Trump/ America events. They want to start trouble, they want a fight, to get caught on camera so the democrat controlled media will jump in to say, “See, those Trump people are full of hate and violent.” Just look at the comments posted on Twitter in response to the video, they hate Trump supporters.

If Leftists don’t like it in America they’re free to leave. These people refuse to get the hint that the American people have had it with their anti-American antics. One of these days they’re going to start a fight they can’t finish.

As for all you proud Mexican flag waving types out there, this is America, we fly the Stars and Stripes. If you don’t like that, get out!