CNN’s Acosta Pulls Race Card After Being Humiliated Over Trump Immigration Plan [Video]

After being humiliated on national tv, CNN’s Jim Acosta sadly is hanging onto a poem on the Statue of Liberty as if it sets immigration policy. To top that off he is advancing the Left’s narrative to make the introduction of the RAISE Act racially motivated by the President.

There is nothing racially motivated in the RAISE Act, sponsored by Senators Cotton and Purdue, yet the Left will make it so with the hopes of stopping this administration from getting anything done when it comes to immigration. The immigration system is a mess because the people charged to enforce it have messed it up! All Trump is doing is reintroducing immigration policy that already exists.

Pres Trump has no bias against Latino immigrants, many in fact, an estimated 29%, voted for him over Hillary Clinton. Jim Acosta, CNN and others who will push this narrative are doing so because they know pulling the race card always works in their favor. Republicans run to the hills instead of standing their ground when race is invoked. Trump will have to stand firm on this policy, those on the Right who speak out against this policy are not only his enemies but enemies to conservative Americans.