The View Claims You Don’t Need Training to Get Gun License [Video]

Wow… these women have absolutely no idea what they’re talking about! What makes it worse it they millions of viewers who take their every word as gospel.

Keep in mind they’re specifically talking about a gun license for conceal carry, so the biggest problem here is multiple uses and cases are being conflated. If you took Goldberg at her word one who buys a gun for home use also conceal carries. It generally doesn’t work that way in many states. If you listen to Behar, good guys are shooting good guys, “Statistically, you are more likely to kill another civilian, or yourself with a gun.” As for Hines’ scenario of a dark theater of people shooting at other people with a gun, that’s just not the case. There has never been a case or situation to support the “wild west” theory. As matter of fact, a good guy with a gun will most likely hesitate firing because of the training they’ve had; just as a man did in 2011.

If you have a weapon for home defense, in most states, no you don’t need a license or special training but you should get some.
California requires Firearm Safety Certificate before you buy a firearm, which is more or less a short test/ quiz on laws, regs and safety.

If you have a weapon to conceal carry then you will be taking test and have training of some sort. Some states have made it next to impossible for gun owners to conceal carry, others easy. The law varies from state to state, but for The View hosts to make blanket statements is irresponsible. (Note: The NRA offers “insurance” for conceal carriers, Carry Guard, where you will be given extensive training.)

The laws on gun ownership and conceal carry vary from state to state, but one thing for sure is, those purchasing weapons had a background check conducted.

What The View hosts are doing is misleading viewers and of course painting gun owners, NRA and the Second Amendment in a bad light. No one should ever rely on anyone on tv as the final say on gun laws or any laws for that matter. Do your homework, unfortunately viewers of this program choose not to.