Man Rattles Pelosi With One-Liner: “Prison Time is Coming Soon, Be Ready” [Video]

A man politely walked up to Nancy Pelosi, as she was shaking hands, and said this one-liner that clearly rattled her…

One could assume this unknown individual was referring to the Wasserman Schultz-IT scandal when he told the House Minority Leader

“Prison time is coming soon, be ready.”

The House Minority Leader gave off a short laugh as she hurried away; the kind of laugh you hear from people who are scared but trying not to come off as scared!

This IT scandal is probably just the tip of the iceberg of something bigger going on in DC. National security has been compromised, Nancy has been dodging it since May and whether she likes it or not an email now implicates her.

The Democrat party is pretty corrupt, it wouldn’t be surprising to see they are the ones who are in fact guilty of collusion, not Pres Trump.