Are You Sitting Down? Antifa Activists Have Started Self-Defense Training [Video]

Are you sitting down? If not you may want to before watching this video so you don’t fall over laughing! Consider this the funniest video of the day.

They look really menacing don’t they!?

The anti-fascist fascists, aka Antifa, have come to the conclusion, in this very heated atmosphere of political discourse, they must start training to defend themselves. This group based in Chicago call themselves the Haymaker Collective have big plans to set up training in other cities… “recently began raising money on Indiegogo for an “anti-fascist, anti-sexist, anti-racist” “self-defense gym”, according to Heat Street.”

In the words of “Simon Phoenix”…

On a serious note, are these guys really serious? These fascists and their ilk are picking fights with well people on the Right who are well-trained and will hurt them, badly, if things really go sour in this country. And we’re getting pretty close to that. It’s cute they are training but we know their tactics and love for weapons: cheap shots, low blows, throwing rocks, bottles, fireworks, using sticks with sharp objects on the end etc.

This is joke, people need to cool their jets over a lousy election, before there’s real bloodshed.

H/T Mediaite

Update 7/1/17: UnicornRiot pulled the original vid from YT and Vimeo, and frankly it appears all content with no explanation?!