Polk Cty FL Sheriff Urges Residents: “If You’re Not Afraid of a Gun, Get One” [Video]

We have another Sheriff from Florida telling citizens to arm themselves, because you never know what might happen. Last week the Brevard Cty Sheriff warned citizens to prepare, and now Polk County Sheriff Judd Grady is telling citizens, “If you’re not afraid of a gun, get one”, get a concealed carry permit, proper training and become proficient in it.

“The armed assailant doesn’t plan on you fighting back. He plans on having a gun, doing all the shooting, and you’re just a sitting duck. Well, the ducks need to shoot back.”

The odds of being in a terrorist attack, active shooter, home intruder or other violent criminal situation is slim, but it’s better to be prepared than be a sitting duck as Sheriff Grady put it.