Dana Loesch Drops Truth Bomb After NRA Ad Triggers Liberals [Video]

Liberals have been going over an NRA ad featuring Dana Loesch speaking the truth about the connection between violence and the left. The talk radio and Blaze TV host appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight to more or less drop a truth bomb on the left.

The ad clearly triggered liberals because as Loesch put it they don’t like looking into a mirror. First off, not once in the video did she invoke race, homophobia, “gender-ism”, call to arms or for civil war. Yet all day yesterday and today she has been bombarded by unhinged Leftists stating the aforementioned and that she is  white supremacist, condoning violence when in actuality she condemned it!

Clearly this was a coordinated attack by anti-gun, anti-Second Amendment type groups as the ad has been out for a while. Everything Loesch is/ was accused of is what the Left is in fact doing. They are the ones attacking Trump supporters, setting buildings on fire, rioting in the streets, assaulting people for opposing political views and attempting to assassinate Congressmen!

In typical fashion the Left wants to change the narrative, and take words out of context. These attacks just go show how desperate these people have become that only supports the warning Loesch made prior to the Alexandria attack. If these people don’t cool down another one of their own is going to attack innocent people again. Their violent rhetoric is driving people to act out, where as those on the Right are shrugging things off.