Failed Leftist Comedian Kathy Griffin Issues Insincere Apology Over Trump Photo [Video]

Earlier today Kathy Griffin released a photo of herself holding a bloody mock Trump head, ISIS style, claiming it was “art”. Needless to say she has been on the receiving end of relentless backlash across all media platforms for something she stated in a video she was proud of and “not afraid to do images that make noise”.

Griffin knew it was wrong to do, joking “we’re not surviving this”.

To add insult to injury, the failed unfunny comedian issued a video apology that was as insincere and fake.

This apology was about as fake as the fake news network she appears on (CNN), in which none of the talking heads seemed to have a problem with what she did. Anderson Cooper, Griffins New Years partner in crime, for instance waited all day to post his disapproval.

The failed comedian hack rolled her eyes commenting she crossed the line and it was in bad taste. So it was in bad taste now, but wasn’t just a few hours ago, deeming it “art”?! Guess this apology has something to do with people demanding the Secret Service step in!

Could anyone imagine how the left would have gone insane if a conservative comedian had done something similar to Obama!? And for the record the apology was insincere, if she meant it she would have addressed Pres Trump.

Leftists are really pushing it, especially Hollywood, people really need to organize to start some serious boycotts.