DHS Sec: If You Knew What I Knew About Terror, You’d ‘Never Leave The House’ [Video]

DHS Sec John Kelly on appearing Fox & Friends this morning to speak about the Manchester Bombing and terror threats he pointed out an earlier conversation with Steve Doocy. The Sec said if people knew what he does about terrorism we would ‘never leave the house!’

The American people can only imagine the daily threat assessment Sec Kelly sees against the US. That said it’s puzzling to understand why so many democrats and liberals are so determined to act against national security.

At every opportunity they take legal action to undermine Pres Trump’s executive orders to protect the homeland. Whether it is shopping federal judges to stop the travel ban, ignoring federal immigration law creating lawless zones.. sorry sanctuary cities, to misleading the public on any number of issues to sway public opinion and create dissent. The democrats are more or less taking action that only empowers illegal aliens, terrorists and our enemies.

The democrats actions to stand down and do nothing is opening the door for a major crime wave or worse a terror attack unlike anything we’ve seen! They will never accept the violent people they pander to, if given the opportunity, would gladly take them out too!