Trump Supporters Shut Down Illegal Alien Town Hall in CA Sanctuary City [Video]

Kudos to these Trump supporters for showing up at CA State Rep Lou Correa’s town hall in sanctuary city Santa Ana, CA. These American Patriots have had enough of the lawlessness we are seeing coast-to-coast, by leftist politicians, the media and Hollywood elites, making it known by disrupting this town hall.

This disruption is something we normally see from the left. Some protesters were arrested, as it appears the left doesn’t like seeing their own tactics used against them.

Not surprising, a few Antifa and other malcontents showed up to cause trouble.

The American people don’t have a problem with legal immigration, we have a problem with illegal immigration. We’re tired of seeing elected leaders pander to illegal aliens so they can increase donations and voter rolls for the next election. Guys like Correa don’t care about illegals, they are just using illegals to stay in power.

One last thing, illegal aliens do not have all the rights and privileges as US citizens. According to a former US Attorney General, the only “right” illegals are entitled to is a hearing, “Aliens have no rights under the US Constitution”!

Full town hall vid