Snoop Dogg Dares ‘Uncle Tom A** N*ggas’ to Perform at Trump’s Inauguration [Video]

Wow what a role model, class act and true model citizen Snoop Dogg is threatening to “roast” any black entertainer who performs at Pres-elect Trump’s Inauguration.

Who does this guy think he is to be telling other entertainers what they can and cannot do?

Hollywood cannot grasp the message voters sent that they do not care what these elitists think or demand. They had their chance, they had their celebrity president, partying with him at the White House and at their private events which has been a disastrous 8 years for the rest of us!

America, have you had enough of this yet to start boycotting celebrities like Calvin? One would hope so by some of the comments posted that people have had enough… time will tell.