Good Guy With a Gun Saves AZ Trooper From Ambush Style Attack [Video]

An Arizona DPS Trooper was responding to a call of a crash and shooting only to be shot in an ambush style attack. Luckily a good guy with a gun passing by stopped to ask if the trooper, who was fighting with the attacker, needed help. When the trooper responded that he did need help the passerby got his gun from his vehicle, ordered the attacker to back away. When the attacker refused he was shot dead by the good guy!

Chalk up another one for the good guys with guns! Don’t let the left sway you that people shouldn’t be allowed to carry firearms as they push misleading statistics about gun violence. Had it not been for this man coming to the troopers aid, we would have another story about a dead cop.

Good Samaritan shoots, kills man who wounded Arizona DPS trooper in struggle
The Republic |
“… Andersson was responding to a shots-fired call at milepost 81 about 4 a.m. after a caller said a car in the freeway median had fired a shot at his vehicle.

As the trooper was heading west, he came across a rollover accident at milepost 89. The car involved was registered in Arizona.

“We believe the suspect was in the rolled-over car, but it hasn’t been confirmed,” Cecil said.

Andersson was settling down flares in the pitch dark when a gunman “ambushed” the trooper at the scene, shooting him. The wound affected Andersson’s gun hand, but he continued to physically fight the man, Cecil said.

Milstead said the civilian saw a man on top of Andersson, pounding his head in the pavement, and asked if the trooper needed help.

The civilian, who also was not identified, shot the man and then used Andersson’s radio to call for help, Milstead said.”Read More