Mark Levin Calls on All Conservatives to Defend Trump Against ‘Coup’ From the Left [Listen]

Mark Levin is calling out to all conservatives, ‘constitutionalists, republicans and independents and independent democrats’ to join together to resist the left and defend Donald Trump. He warns the left (from the media and democrat party to academia and Hollywood) is engaged in a ‘coup of sorts’ against the incoming Donald Trump administration. Levin continued that standing up for PEOTUS is standing up for the Constitution and “we” cannot allow the left to delegitimize the election nor Trump’s presidency.

The Great One was correct and quite frank stating the left hates us, they do. Their actions demonstrate the condescension and detest they have for anyone who is not in agreement with their agenda. The treatment the President-elect was subjected to over the fake news put out by BuzzFeed and other media is an example of how the left has repeatedly tried to triangulate and stop him from being sworn in, or as Levin put it ‘to overturn the election, to politically decapitate the President-elect’.

Many conservatives opposed to candidate Trump have buried the hatchet since the election, especially after he won calling for everyone to come together election night. The left has clearly ignored this call for peace, showing their true colors over the last two months. They’re not going to stop, we need to stand up to them. Consider the last 8 years warm up for what is coming!