You Won’t Be Surprised When You Hear How Obama Learned About Hillary’s Private Emails

Not only is the Pres’ answer not a surprise but absurd and a flat-out insult to the country’s intelligence for him to claim he learned about Hillary’s private email account through the news!

Now Obama just made it clear to CBS’s Bill Plante that’s “it’s true” he has the most transparent administration and all his emails are being archived. In making this claim he also pointed out the Blackberry, he had to have, which suggests he does a lot of emailing. That said he wants the country to believe he never got an email from Hilary Clinton during her time as Sec of State!? Who was he emailing on that Blackberry if it isn’t the Sec of State? One would think he wanted it to stay in touch with key members of his admin especially Clinton!

Obama should have been more careful in his answer. Why? Because now we should expect many organizations like Judicial Watch to Rep Trey Gowdy to submit FOIA requests for access to those archived emails he said are available and see if any are from Clinton. It will be interesting to see how quickly those requests are denied or refused “for national security purposes”!