[Listen] Rush Limbaugh: What Would the GOP Do If Obama Refused to Leave Office?

Rush Limbaugh asked an interesting question on his show Friday that most of us already know the answer to if Obama refused to leave office. That answer we already know is the GOP wouldn’t do anything but rant, rave and run to the Supreme Court. But as Rush explains the Supreme Court wouldn’t get involved until after this scenario of him staying in office took place. The court would never rule on a threat from him, which means if its Jan 12th 2017 and he says it, it’s just words to them.

Will Obama do this overriding the 22nd Amendment? Not likely, but the question Rush asks was to put light on how useless and irrelevant the GOP has become. Speaker Boehner, Senate Majority Leader McConnell along with many of their supporters have given in to the democrats and Pres Obama. Boehner and company have said they won’t use impeachment and surrendered the power of the purse while giving the democrats and Obama their increased debt ceiling, massive spending bill and just caved on amnesty. Look at all the investigations launched by republicans into Benghazi, Fast & Furious, IRS scandal etc they are going nowhere which leads people to believe that if Obama refused to leave office the GOP wouldn’t really do anything!

America’s primary problem isn’t the President, its Congress. Congress is the cog in the machine that keeps America running. You want to stop Obama or another rogue POTUS then you have to replace everyone in Congress first. Why is the Presidency limited to two terms but there are no term limits on Congress? They are the enablers of the bad policies which sad to say has set a dangerous precedent! If you want to stop Obama you first have to stop Congress… We need term limits on Congress, if POTUS is limited to two terms (8 years) then so should members of Congress!