Glenn Beck: Obama is a ‘Special Kind of Liar’ Who Has ‘Brought Lying to an Art Form’

Obama is a master of telling a lie over and over again until it becomes the truth. Even after Glenn Beck plays all these clips of the Pres lying people still remain in the dark or in complete denial regardless that what he said has been proven to be bona fide lies! Listening to these clips makes your blood boil over how much the mainstream media has allowed Obama to get away with. Had this been any conservative the media and democrats would be screaming from every rooftop for their head. Now while I share this Glenn Beck clip calling Obama a special kind of liar you know people will ignore it because “oh that’s from Glenn Beck, he’s a fraud.” Deniers and leftists will make the story about Beck and attack him instead of admitting Pres Obama is habitual liar! They will never admit that they are paying higher taxes, insurance premiums and lower wages.

What a sad state this country is in where we have no one in any position of leadership to call the President out for lying. The media is supposed to be the Fourth Estate in our system of Checks and Balances but they have abandoned that responsibility and have lost Americans trust. It’s no wonder so many people are not watching the news or buying newspapers anymore.