Greg Gutfeld: The 3 Horsemen of the Liberal Apocalypse

The left is all about free speech so long as you agree with their positions on gender, race and climate. These have all been blown out of proportion and abused by liberals to gain power and control over Americans. If you have an opinion that is not in lockstep with progressives on these issues then you are the enemy and it gives liberals the green light to attack and if necessary destroy an individual or entity. These three horsemen of the liberal apocalypse as Greg Gutfeld puts it are at the heart of political correctness the left weaponized against this country.

People need to turn the tables on liberals like when they complain about gender (siding with women, no offense ladies) ask why do you hate men? Ask why they aren’t doing jobs that they expect men to do? As far as climate change goes ask them to explain how the records being broken in last few years that are decades some even 100 years old were set in the first place? Ask them to explain how the ice melted 10,000 years ago from the last ice age? When liberals pull the race card and ask why do you hate white people? Use your imagination but turn it back on them like with this Starbucks “Race Together” thing ask why Starbucks doesn’t have shops in black communities!!? Political correctness is destroying America and it’s our fault for letting a handful of people more or less bully the masses for simply having an opinion!