Antifa That Got Shot Had A Knife!

This site has covered many issues with regard to the Second Amendment and the People’s right to protect themselves. There is a lot of talk over the threats Antifa poses to the public, and if there was ever a perfect example as to why people need to arm themselves it was on full display in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

As protesters from both sides argued over the statue of conquistador Juan de Oñate, several fights broke out. Most of them ended quickly but then things escalated as an Antifa Domestic Terrorist swung his skateboard at a counter-protester, Steven Ray Baca who was NOT with the local militia (New Mexico Civil Guard). Unbeknownst to the Terrorist, Baca was a concealed carrier and did the responsible thing, after being struck, by backing off to deescalate the situation.

As many have seen in the viral video, Antifa did not back off, they continued to go after Baca where you can hear them saying they want to ‘f*ucking kill’ him, where at one point it was 2 vs 1.

Here is new footage that made things abundantly clear Baca was acting in self-defense as the Terrorist had a knife and it appears was about to stab him!

Now it has been “reported” that Baca was instigating and allegedly shoved a woman. Even if true that does not justify the attack against him with a deadly weapon (skateboard, which is made of hardwood with heavy metal trucks designed to take a lot of abuse). And if he was there to shoot someone, then why did he back off/walkaway, the moment he got struck? Why is he waving off gesturing like he had enough as he was trying to leave?

This was a clean shoot, Baca had already been struck with the skateboard, they kept attacking him, he backed off immediately, but they continued to attack. He drew his weapon still backing off, which didn’t phase the Terrorists, where one hits him again with the skateboard, dropping it because he had a poor grip on it due to the knife in his hand, where Baca saw the knife and was in his legal right to fire his weapon. If Baca gets prosecuted it will purely be politically driven, and to use what happened to go after gun rights.

This is why you need to carry a weapon if you are legally permitted. No one was coming to Baca’s aid, he was outnumbered and these Antifa Terrorists are always carrying weapons. This site cannot confirm it, but rumor has it that they are told NOT to carry guns, but everything else is ok!?