Antifa, Attempt to Disrupt Back the Blue Rally, Get Put in Their Place


The domestic terrorists, Antifa, showed up at a Ft Collins, CO “Back the Blue” rally thinking they would do their normal thing of bullying, intimidation and causing chaos, but American Patriots were not having any of it. The terrorist group got the tables turned on them being outnumbered and were marched out of the town, but when they tried to get physical they got a well deserved beatdown!

If Americans had stood up in the beginning of cities now under siege by these terrorists we wouldn’t be 60-70 days into riots, looting, arson, assault and the occupation of police stations. American Patriots must repeat this in every community large or small telling these spoiled, privileged liberals enough is enough. NO ONE is advocating violence, but a show of force, like demonstrated here, is necessary. If the terrorists choose to get violent then citizens have every right to defend themselves.

The time for staying silent, sitting back waiting for the government to do something is over. This is our country, if these commie bastards want a fight, then they’ll get it!