Democrats REMOVE American Flag From Stage Before Televised Debate!


“Democrats love the USA and our flag,” “We don’t hate America, we hate the way it’s being ran,” “We are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America” (Obama 2008)… uh huh.

If there was any question of the Left’s contempt for American Patriotism and respect the very symbol of this country, this shot of the US Flag being removed from the Democratic President Debate should put those doubts to rest!

Many will argue the audience had just said Pledge of Allegiance (people can be seen sitting down) and the Flag was removed to be out of the way for the cameras. Okay, but why couldn’t they have it behind the candidates or at the side of the stage? 🤔🧐 Exactly! Dems are not going to win this argument because the Flag tends to be missing from their events, because they are incredibly anti-American, they want to change everything about this country. Obama’s infamous line before he was elected in 2008, many democrats continue to repeat, is proof of that.

If you love your country why would you want to fundamentally change it? Dems don’t want the Pledge of Allegiance recited at various events, including schools. You’ve seen the videos over the years of their demands, destruction and removal of historic(or related) statues and monuments. In schools liberal teachers to professors are “teaching” revisionist history painting our nations founding and the Founders as racists who enjoy mass genocide.

People need to stand up and speak out before we lose this country. If you haven’t noticed the democrat party has shifted to supporting socialism where a communist (Sanders) is very close to being their choice to run for President against Donald Trump!