What This Sanders Staffer Believes is a Perfectly Good Reason Why We Need the Second Amendment


Surely by now you’ve heard about or seen the video below of Kyle Jurek, a Bernie Sanders campaign organizer who is saying some pretty radical things, including advocating violence.

Jurek tells the undercover Project Veritas journalist that is Sanders doesn’t get the DNC nominations Milwaukee will burn, police will be getting a beaten and their radical leftists violence will spread to other cities. He is defending Antifa for attacking people over their interpretation of hate speech, saying “if your speech is calling for the elimination of people based on race, or gender, or religious, like for whatever reason, things that people can’t change, then you should expect a f*cking violent reaction.”

When Jurek was asked “What are we gonna do with those people that resist the change?” He again advocated violence to the degree of summary execution as the Communists did to those who resisted in Cuba!

Leftists like Jurek are the same people calling for gun control while they’re talking about mass violence behind closed doors. If there was ever a good reason to protect and defend our Second Amendment rights this guy is making it!

Fmr NYPD and Newsmaxx host John Cardillo but especially fmr US Army Col, attorney and author, Kurt Schlichter also pointed out Jurek, who represents millions of Leftists, is the reason why we need 2A…

If the Left gets power over America like they have in California, Illinois, New York and Virginia (which is a powder keg about to blow in the making) people will end up in gulags, or being killed over their political beliefs. Don’t ever give up your gun rights, resist these unconstitutional anti-gun laws, because they’re only designed to punish law-abiding Americans who stand in the Left’s way of total power.