Starbucks Fmr CEO Says He Would Confiscate “Assault Style” Firearms [Video]


Starbucks fmr CEO, and potential 2020 presidential candidate/ DNC spoiler, Howard Schultz said at a CNN Town Hall that he would confiscate semi-automatic “assault style” firearms from law-abiding Americans in the name of public safety.

“What I believe is that there should be some sensible approach to removing the kind of weapons that have no place in society.”

What Schultz is really saying is removing semi-automatic assault/ military style firearms.

Schultz has no place speaking on issues he has no clue about like gun control. Laws already exist restricting criminals from owning firearms.

When he closes, Schultz says “The far-right doesn’t want to do anything” on issue of reducing crime committed with firearms, mentally ill getting hold of them etc, is an outright lie. The NRA, GOA and other pro-2A groups routinely support keeping arms out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill. The problem arises from the second part of his comment over how the left wants to address the problem by completely disarming the People. Democrats want guns completely banned and the Second Amendment repealed. If they ever get a super majority again a complete gun ban will be first on their list.

We already have commonsense gun laws. What we need is the laws on the books to be enforced, where a shooting like Parkland would have never happened. The school admin and the Broward County Sheriff allowed that tragedy to happen, the laws would have worked if they didn’t work so hard to protect the killer prior to his rampage! Same is true for other shootings, someone somewhere dropped the ball OR the individual was completely off the radar where there was nothing anyone could do.

Evil cannot be stopped. Banning guns will just result in these killers using knives, explosives, vehicles or most likely obtaining firearms on the black market. Leaders need to allow people the ability to invoke their rights to self-defense because all these mass shootings proved gun control, in some instances law enforcement, and the govt failed to protect the People.