Rep Nadler: Trump’s Declaration Opens Door For Dem President To Take All Guns Away [Video]


Speaker Pelosi, Sen Chris Murphy…

… and now Rep Jerry Nadler are saying Pres Trump’s declaration of a National Emergency, to build the border wall, set precedent for a future dem president to take all guns away! Nadler says Trump’s declaration opened the door for ‘tyranny’ in America. Think about that for a second…

Nadler more or less just admitted democrats are tyrants who would use the law to seize total power!

Republicans aren’t the ones trying to take over health care system, destroy the US economy over climate change or seeking to disarm millions of law-abiding Americans because of a literal handful of very bad people. Democrats want to do these things, they are the tyrants and apparently don’t understand said law cannot be used to violate Constitutional rights, ie the Second Amendment. Like that ever stopped them.

Pres Trump is using existing law, passed by Congress to address a legitimate crisis, the democrats were saying existed until Trump started using their language, on the border. Other presidents have invoked the same power but this time around using 40-year-old law now opens the door for tyranny!? Only if you’re a democrat.

No one is taking Americans guns away now or in the future, such action would result in an outright civil war. What’s most amusing about Nadler and the other leaders making this threat is they ignore the very reason we have the Second Amendment is over the concern the Founders had that people just like them would come to power!

There are over 100 million weapons and billions of rounds of ammunition in the hands of the American people. Many are active or retired military and law enforcement who would never go along with such a power grab. Democrats of course think the American people, LE and military will bend to their will if such an order was given. In all seriousness they don’t seem to understand they’ll get the bullets first!

We should thank Pres Trump for doing this as the democrats have fully exposed their intentions of the kind of tyranny they’ll bring to this nation. If they ever get power again like they had during Obama’s first two years in office they’ll turn this country inside out.

Buy guns Patriots, lots of guns and plenty of ammo.