Good Dad With a Gun Stops Gunman at Ala McDonald’s [Video]

A masked gunman forcefully entered a Birmingham, Al McDonald’s as the night manager had unlocked the door to allow a man and his two sons to exit around 11pm. The gunmen opened fire only to be stopped by the father of two who, was legally conceal carrying, returned fire against the assailant. The unidentified man and one of his sons was injured in the gunfight but the gunman wasn’t so lucky as he was shot and killed.

This story like countless others featured on this site and others will never see the light of day at the national level. It proves the anti-gun theories being rammed down Americans throats are untrue. The Left and media would prefer citizens rendered defenseless, where a story like this would be another mass killing story they could use to defend their position to end gun rights.

If you live in a state where you can conceal carry, do so. Aside from being your right, it’s your duty to protect your own and those around you from evil doers. The police are minutes away when seconds count, don’t become a statistic for the Left to use against our natural/ God-given right to self-defense.