Leftist Bully Fired After Attacking Teen For Wearing MAGA Hat [Video]

Leftist Bully, Kino Jimenez, thought it was in his right, per Maxine Waters‘ “call to arms”, to throw a soda in the face of 16-year-old Hunter Richard because he was wearing a MAGA hat, that Jimenez proceeded to steal as well.

After the video went viral the bully, Jimenez, was identified and was fired from his job. Richard’s has filed a report with police, so of course Leftists are looking to reward the bully, as a GoFundMe page was allegedly started (Page cannot be located at this time/ GFM may have taken it down) for Jimenez to raise $85K!

That’s the Left for you, they put their money where their mouth and fists are while people on the Right get brutalized and bankrupt for standing up for themselves.

Jimenez should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and it would be worth investigating if he ever promoted (via social media) Maxine Waters’ calls to harass people. If so she should be held responsible and expelled from Congress!

This is sign things are most definitely escalating when a kid cannot even go into a restaurant at 2:30am without being harassed and attacked. SHTF when another Leftist tries this on someone who is carrying a weapon! Leaders need to tamp things down, especially Rep Waters. If she doesn’t then she should be made an example of, otherwise big trouble is coming.