Watch ISIS Terrorists Scream and Cry as They’re Hunted Down and Destroyed by SAA Tanks!

I can’t stop laughing! There are no words over how entertaining this video is to watch, seeing these ISIS fighters in total panic screaming, crying as they are hunted down and destroyed by SAA tanks. They thought they were on top of the world building their caliphate, and now they’re being wiped out.

Make no mistake, we still have some big fights coming our way as these cowards are shifting tactics to basic spineless acts of terrorism on civilians. But as you can see they really can’t fight when opposition is just as well armed or better. That’s why terrorists prey on civilians and soft targets, they don’t fear the defenseless.

Just think if state and federal government would stop violating citizens Second Amendment rights, terrorists would never get a shot off in America. An armed population is a safe one… just ask the Swiss!