Boycott the NFL – NO Exceptions, NO Excuses

The NFL is full of left-wing anti-American’s (players and management) who seem to forget they are paid millions of dollars to play a game (I mean that in the simplest way) because of the freedoms our Flag and National Anthem they disrespect represent.

No one wants to hear some of you whine about your precious team or what you have riding on the next game. If you watch these games (in-person, tv or pay) then you are only enabling these anti-Americans, who are influencing children at this point to act in total disrespect on issues they know nothing about. These players are role models setting horrible examples for our youth that you, by watching and buying merchandise and the like, are enabling as well!

Until the NFL shows respect for our nation, this entire liberal run organization, with its ridiculous policies and rules, must be boycotted NO EXCEPTIONS, NO EXCUSES.

NFL players who protested during the national anthem this preseason