MSNBC Host Wants California Liberals to Infiltrate States Where Hillary Lost [Video]

It’s not a big secret the democrat party and liberals have been looking for ways to take over red states and turn them blue. Katy Tur used her platform on MSNBC to make that push (a plea to democrat party) encouraging liberals to “ship people” from California to states like Michigan and Pennsylvania, where Hillary Clinton lost.

There are several states once red now on their way to being blue that should concern all Americans. Liberals are expanding out from their coastal strongholds infecting fly over America with their progressive nonsense. If you live in a red state do not bow down to calls for political correctness. It always starts on a small-scale, locally, especially with schools, and then the next thing you know saying the pledge of Allegiance is optional and you’re deemed a racist if you don’t welcome rapefugees and illegal aliens with open arms!

Liberals have become potentially dangerous and now increasingly desperate to now call for changing the demographics of a state to win an election!