Rush: Hillary Clinton is Suffering a Public Breakdown [Listen]

Rush Limbaugh has an interesting theory about Hillary Clinton which makes a lot of sense when think back to her actions and behavior as of late. The woman is absolutely consumed over losing the election, literally blaming everyone. The history Rush lays out is exactly why he believes she is having a breakdown!

Everything Rush says is true, Hillary went above and beyond for Bill and the democrat party who threw her under the bus.

“She ate the excrement sandwich that being married to that guy was, from the time he was governor of Arkansas, all the affairs, all the women, all the allegations, and she was the loyal trooper, blaming the right-wing conspiracy, destroying the women accusers, maintaining his administration and the Democrat Party. And if anybody has ever been owed, it’s Hillary Clinton. And 2008 was supposed to be the big payoff, and they threw her under the bus for a young untested, unproven African-American guy with an exotic name. And she gave them another chance to love her. She gave them another chance to accept here. She went even so far as to work it with Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz to rig the primaries against Crazy Bernie so the Democrats could not throw her under the bus.”

Now look at Hillary, shes blaming everyone for her loss, conjuring up one conspiracy after another, from Russian agents operating in Macedonia to even blaming our form of government! She’s going to snap sooner or later folks. Maybe Pres Trump will do something that will completely trigger her!