NRA Has Msg For Leftists Melting Down Over Dana Loesch Ad: Get Over Yourself [Video]

Over the last week Leftists have been melting down over Dana Loesch’s NRA ad. Loesch has been attacked on every platform, called every name in the book and threatened for pointing out and condemning the violence we’re witnessing comes from the left.

In what could only be a coordinated attack by anti-gun groups, Leftists accuse Loesch of everything they are in fact doing, as if to mislead the American people from their handy work. She never once attacked anyone’s race or gender, called for civil war or to start shooting people. The Left has in fact done all of these things pointed out in the video, which is why they’re so upset… they don’t like the fact they’ve been called out. The attacks have gotten so bad NRA TV host Grant Stinchfield put together this video defending Loesch, blasting these hypocrites and liars telling them to “Get over yourself!”

Leftists don’t seem to realize their very reaction to Loesch’s ad is exactly what she’s talking about. The truth hurts doesn’t it!?