Living Behind Massive Gates, Katy Perry Wants Everyone to Coexist Without Barriers & Borders [Video]

This clip of Katy Perry talking about Manchester terror attack is making its rounds around across the net over how out of touch with reality this Hollywood elitist is. Isn’t that just like a Hollywood elitist, not having a clue with what’s really going on in the world to suggest we should all just “love each other”, live with “no barriers, no borders” and “coexist”!

While this sounds great, a certain segment of the population wants no part of what Perry is proposing. These people are hell-bent on world domination and will kill anyone who gets in the way of their radical ideology.

Since Katy and many of her rich Hollywood friends seem to think peace, love, open borders and barriers are the answer to our salvation, why doesn’t she and her rich friends set the example!?

So for Katy and her rich friends to not look like hypocrites they should remove those massive gates from their driveways, and take down any walls, fences around their property. Next, shut down the security system and give the armed 24 hour security notice you won’t be requiring their services anymore! And finally, leave your house unlocked, windows open 24/7 because like Katy says, we shouldn’t have barriers or borders!

Hollywood when you start practicing what you’re preaching the people might start taking you more seriously. Until then, please be quiet on serious political issues you haven’t a clue about.

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