Ret Navy SEAL Has a Strong Message for Katy Perry & Celebs Over Manchester Bombing Comments [Video]

Retired Navy SEAL, Carl Higbie, appearing on Americas Newsroom has a message for out of touch Hollywood elitist Katy Perry (and fellow celebs), following her comment we all need to have “open barriers, open borders” to “coexist” over the Manchester bombing.

Higbie was being nice telling Perry to “go to hell”. Furthermore, if she and other celebs are going to continue to preach that peace and love is the solution to fighting terrorism, then they should show us how it’s done. Please Hollywood, as Higbie challenged, hold a concert in Syria. Go to these war zones delivering your tree-hugging, peacenik, psychobabble to these barbarians.

Hollywood elitists need to stop preaching from behind the tall walls of their gated lavish, secure properties.