Is Pelosi Losing It!? Minority Ldr Again Caught Rambling Incoherently About Trump, Confusing NRA With NSA [Video]

Uhg this woman is definitely losing it, there is now a steady flow of videos surfacing showing Nancy Pelosi garble words, speak incoherently and the like. Speaking at the Peter G. Peterson Foundation Fiscal Summit when asked about Trump-Russian collusion the minority leader rambled on as we’ve come to expect and suggested the NRA was part of the intelligence community! NRA, NSA sound alike yes, but she like all democrats has been at war with the NRA, such a mistake is not made when you’re coherent.

WOW, listening to that it’s clear Nancy is a few sandwiches short of a picnic! And so you know she was like this during the entire interview(starts at 2:47:46). Americans should burn up the US Capitol’s switchboard demanding leadership compel Pelosi to submit to mental competency testing.

Also, Russia did not make people vote for Pres Trump, enough of this “Russia undermined the election” conspiracy.