Levin Warns There is “Concerted Effort” by the Media & Dem Party Take Out Pres Trump [Listen]

“This is a concerted effort by the media and the Democrat Party and some despicable people within the government, who are violating our laws with certain of these leaks to take out this man [Pres Trump]”

Why did Jim Comey wait until now? If this alleged memo is so damaging why sit on it for 2 mos? If what the President did was so wrong.. illegal why wait?! Because Jim Comey, as Levin explains, is the problem, he is a “leaker”, an “egomaniac” trying to get back at Pres Trump for being fired.

The media and democrat party are coming off the rails to take Pres Trump out. Lie after lie, yet they keep attacking him and anyone who defends him. These people are becoming dangerous, willing to do anything to remove the President of the United States. They don’t seem to care about the millions who voted for Trump, whom will not stand idly by and allow this to happen. Dems and media think they are going to wear everyone down to give in but ht opposite is going to happen. Fists are going to fly soon!