Tucker Carlson and Dana Loesch Discuss How the Modern Left is Becoming Tribalistic and Violent [Video]

The Left has become beyond hysterical and rabid since Hillary Clinton lost, because they are, as Tucker Carlson explains, incapable of accepting they are no longer in power. They have more or less declared war on the President of the United States, members of his admin, supporters and those who lean right. These people are seeking all avenues to stop the President from calls to impeach him, protests to violent riots.

Two guests are used as an example as to how dangerous the Left is becoming because they approve of violence, because “the ends justify the means”.

Dana Loesch has the Left nailed down on this tribalism culture they are clearly demonstrating, to where you cannot even have a discussion with any of them if you oppose their views. They seem to believe violence is the answer, but Loesch points out “Violence is not civil discourse. Violence is not reasonable discourse. It’s the last refuge of the coward.”

All of this is creating more and more tension that will unfortunately result in more violence, because you cannot reason with these people. Remember, their world has been turned inside out, everything they saw as good for the last eight years is being dismantled! But, to be clear the Left are the ones starting the heated arguments, physical fights, riots and so on. They do not possess the ability to accept others opinions and will instead lash out, violently.

What’s the solution?