Obama Encourages Anti-Trump Protesters Not to be Silent [Video]

Speaking at a press conference, with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Pres Obama had the opportunity to tamp down the unrest in the US following Donald Trump’s win. The lame-duck Pres chose to more or less side with anti-Trump protesters saying they shouldn’t be silent, to keep organizing and not take our system of government for granted. Not one word to tone it down, denounce the few riots that broke out or the outright violence that has been carried out against Trump supporters, like Cory Cataldo. Pres-Elect Trump in his first interview on 60 Minutes addressed it head-on, looking directly into the camera telling people to ‘Stop It‘. Mr Obama… no call to stop or knock it off, instead he encourages it.

Pres Obama cannot see that his actions (or lack of) and divisive rhetoric, that has fueled unrest in America, is why so many Americans took to the voting booth over a week ago to reject him and the democrat party. By all means Mr Obama, you and your fellow democrats should continue to divide the nation, carry on after you get out of office. Push the hate all the way to 2018 so the remaining democrat seats in Congress can be replaced with republican or conservative leaning independents!