Trump Supporter Attacked on NY Subway [Video]

Once again we have another story about a Donald Trump supporter being assaulted by the violent, intolerant left. When Pres Obama was elected conservatives accepted the win and worked hard to expose his radical agenda to fulfill a promise he made of ‘fundamentally transforming the United States of America’. They didn’t take to the streets in 2008 or 2012 in protest or riot, nor walked out of school blocking traffic. No one feared losing their job or personal safety, but look at us now.

Democrats, liberal, progressives are in full rage protesting and attacking anyone who supported Donald Trump. We have CEO’s telling employees to not to speak in favor of the President-Elect, to even quit. Now people have to worry about being pulled out of car, walking in subway or participating in a mock elementary school election. And, as noted in the local news story below, people are even in fear of lending aid to a fellow man! It would appear Mr Obama’s promise has in fact been fulfilled, we have been transformed where you have to keep who you voted for to yourself in fear of your life!