Gun Rights Activist Blasts “Juvenile” Kim Kardashian For Pushing Anti-Gun Agenda

First off what happened to Kim Kardashian is nothing to joke about, the bubble world she has been living in has been popped. That robbery though happened before Kim apparently made herself the next tool, err rather fool, for the anti-gun agenda of Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown.

The NRA’s Colion Noir was not having any of it and blasted the ‘over-injected mannequin who happens to have a respiratory system’ reality star. He’s probably right, she doesn’t know what the Second Amendment means or any other Amendment. The do nothing has been pushing for gun control for sometime though and she ranted on Twitter lasted year about the need for more gun control.

A warning to the do nothing, produce nothing Kardashian family… stay out of it. Kim made a bad decision being without sufficient security while traveling with millions in jewelry. She had a wake up call and the next thing the family did was increase their security, no doubt armed security! This action alone contradicts their support to groups like Everytown and Mom’s Demand. Neither Kim nor her family has the right to preach about gun control, while they get involved with an organization that wants to disarm Americans, as they and Everytown’s head officials enjoy having private armed security. Where she stands now is unknown, but the fact the robbery happened in France, who is extremely anti-gun, probably won’t matter.

Regardless, Hollywood elites who have money to burn on tall walls and fences, security systems and 24 hour armed security (incl bodyguards) have no business preaching to Americans about gun control.