Kim Kardashian Tweets Out Call For Change to Gun Laws and More Gun Control

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Hollywood dingbats who react to tragic stories not knowing the whole story let alone having a clue how the legal system works when it comes to the sale of firearms need to be quiet. Hell they need to stay out of politics altogether especially when their claim to fame is a “leaked” porno!

For someone who posts partially nude, silly duckface and other narcissistic pics of herself or promoting products the social media stars tweets about a tragic murder clearly seem out-of-place. More on that in a second, but here are the tweets that upset gun rights supporters:

The level of stupidity and ignorance is strong in this one and her do-nothing, unskilled, no talent family. Kardashian is completely wrong you can’t buy a gun online without having a background check through an FFL. That said, knowing the Kardashian family has sold their souls for the almighty dollar you have to wonder who wrote these out-of-place tweets for Kim to post? Since when does a self-absorbed socialite care about a multiple murder in Houston TX?! Does anyone find that odd especially since she just met and endorsed Hillary Clinton? Radio personality Dana Loesch was sure to point this out and took a nice shot at Kardashian:

It’s not far-fetched to consider some anti-gun group (Soros or Bloomberg backed, like Moms Demand Action) went to Kardashian to post these tweets to the uninformed voter class. Like her or not Kim has a huge following that will do, say and act on anything she puts out. The left is very cunning and will use anyone to get their anti-American agenda front and center.

Whether this theory is true or not fact remains unengaged celebrities need to stay out of politics. They abuse the power and influence they have which in this case puts Americans personal freedoms, aka the Second Amendment, at risk!