Clinton: The NRA Reminds Me of Negotiating With Iran and Communists

Ya know Clinton is right, to a degree, but there is a simple reason why the NRA and gun owners stand firm on our Second Amendment rights. The Founders knew how important the right to keep and bear arms was so much so they put a DO NOT TOUCH clause in the Amendment!

Gun rights advocates/activists constantly ask but to this day Clinton, the anti-gun lobby, gun grabbers and the like have yet to explain what part of “…shall not be infringed” they don’t understand!

Hillary mocks gun owners and the NRA about Black helicopters coming to get us and our guns. Well if that isn’t end goal of progressives then why does she and all her friends keep talking about the need for more laws which will inevitably lead, if they get their way, to a complete and total confiscation of civilians arms?!