Good Guy With a Gun Stops Carjacker, Gets Handshake From Police

A carjacker got more than he bargained for when the man he tried to ‘jack pulled his concealed weapon and held him at gun point until police arrived. Hashim Fannin demonstrated once again responsible gun owners are not out looking to shoot anyone let alone be a threat to the public but a blessing.

Good Guy With a Gun Stop Carjacker, Gets Hand Shake From Police1 Thanks to Hashim another criminal is off the streets and America is a little bit safer. After police arrived and took the criminal into custody Fannin was thanked and offered a handshake for his good deed.

Liberals and gun grabbers like #MomsDemand heads must have exploded when they learned not only did an armed citizen draw his weapon and not fire but this good guy with a gun was black and wasn’t fired on when police showed up! How do you like that liberals two of your myths destroyed in “one shot”! (no pun intended)

via WSB-TV Atlanta