Obama Admin Going After Your Guns

Only Obama could compare the ease of buying vegetables and books to buying guns. The only guns that are that easy to acquire are those bought on the black market. The Pres always seems to leave facts like that out doesn’t he!?

For those thinking,”oh it’s just one type of ammo”, you’re thinking one dimensionally. The admin for the last 6 years has been slowly chipping away at our rights, a ban or specific radical law passed is not a one time deal. Everything they do is to open the door for bigger legislative or regulatory moves. Katie Pavlich made this clear as well as gun & gear reviewer NutnFancy argued in my first post this ammo ban will be expanded to other types of ammo until one day our guns are nothing but expensive paperweights!

There are many organizations with info and petitions to stop this so you have to get active and speak out to protect our gun rights!

Sign Sen Paul’s petition

Without the Second Amend there is no First Amend or bill of rights!