Beto: There Will Be “Consequences From Law Enforcement” If People Don’t Hand Over Their Guns

Long-shot Presidential candidate, Robert Francis O’Rourke is vowing to unconstitutionally confiscate American’s property during the Democrat Presidential Debate and into the morning talk shows. According to this fascist tyrant no one is allowed to have “weapons of war” and if elected he will press Congress to pass laws banning and ordering their confiscation via a “buyback program”. Anyone who doesn’t comply will meet the brute force of law enforcement under his direction.

If this isn’t the definition of a tyrant what is!?

How do you buy something back you never owner? What’s even more insulting is Beto and his kind will use your tax money to “buy back” what isn’t theirs to take!

Law enforcement officials take an oath to protect the people and uphold the law, aka Constitution, will they not be violating said oath to follow unconstitutional laws? Those in LE willing to follow this man or other dems vowing to disarm Americans speak up let us know why you would violate your oath as well as the Constitution?

Beto is telling America you can’t be trusted with weapons only the government can… we saw how this turned out via Waco and Ruby Ridge sieges.

While the focus of this clip is Beto, keep in mind every single person standing on that stage and those who support them want you disarmed. They will not be there when someone is breaking into your home, assaulting you or yours, or committing a crime against you when seconds count and police are minutes away.

Don’t ever give up your Second Amendment rights no matter how sad the story they tell, these Leftists are your enemies.