Dem Reps Defend Gun Bill, Hypothesize: Only Way to Stop All Gun Violence is to Take Away Every Gun [Video]


Democrats are laying the groundwork for a gun control power grab. While their bills, HR 8/ HR 1112 will pass in the House they will most likely die in the Senate, regardless dems are showing the American people how far they’re willing to go to violate the our inalienable rights and the Constitution.

Pay attention to language being used in Rep Jeffries initial response by saying gun violence is a “national epidemic”. This is indicator of how dems will regulate in the future should they win the White House in 2020. He’s hinting they’ll use the National Emergencies Act to enact gun control provisions that go round 2A. This is the concern conservatives have ever since Pres Trump invoked the NEA to get the border wall funded and built. Also universal background checks are already conducted, you cannot go to a gun show or shop to buy a gun without going through a check and the same goes for online purchases, yet time and again the democrats carry-on as if no checks are being conducted. Democrats are conflating private sales with commercial sales. They want background checks conducted if you were to sell your weapon to a friend or neighbor, or give one to a family member. You won’t even be able to loan a friend a weapon to use if you’re out hunting!

Rep Thompson’s hypothetical response tells you all you need to know. These people know criminals will always get their hands on a weapon. No mandate for background tests in any form of exchange is going to stop criminals from gaining access. What they want is to in fact take all weapons away. They cannot do it now, they have to build up to a point of “Well we’ve tried everything to curb gun violence. The only solution is to take away every gun.” Don’t laugh, or roll your eyes thinking “that will never happen,” this is how it’s done in other countries that fall under liberal control where the people are now disarmed… regretting it!

Democrats control one branch of the government and look at what they’re doing in the second month in power! They want the American people disarmed no matter what, because feelings and something has to be done even though none of them can cite any law that would’ve stopped any of mass shootings we’ve seen. People need to wake up to the threat they pose to wanting citizens under government’s iron fist while turning blind eye to illegal aliens… > House Democrats: No ICE Alert if Illegal Fails Gun Background Check