NYC Millennials Say America Was Never Great [Video]

Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips hit the streets of NYC asking millennials if America has ever been great following Gov Cuomo’s speech that America has never been great. As you would expect from a progressive city like NYC none of these kids felt the nation they’re living in is great.


Nope, the US is not great. Not after winning two World Wars, putting a man on the moon, countless inventions and innovations that have literally changed the world… nope the US sucks according to these kids. Clearly they learned this negativity from whatever is being taught in schools and universities, which have truly become liberal indoctrination camps. These kids indicated they weren’t aware of what “American Exceptionalism” is and if anything were taught the opposite.

Something needs to be done about the educational system. We need to get conservatives on school boards to make the changes otherwise this will only get worse.

Here’s a few great follow-up questions they all should be asked:
Do you know everything you have and take for granted is because of this country?
If you don’t think America is great why are you here?
Name a country that is better, allows you the freedom to do and say practically anything you want?

Love it or leave it.