Cop Hating, Race Hustling, Anti-American is the New Face of Nike

Nike made what could be the worst business decision any company could make by choosing cop hating, race hustling, anti-American Colin Kaepernick as the face of their 30th Anniversary Just Do It campaign. The NFL is already on many Americans shit-list feeling a drop in ratings and sales over showing disrespect to our Flag and National Anthem. You would think the executives at Nike would want to steer clear of that battle going on between the NFL, POTUS and patriotic Americans!

Apparently they’ve made enough that they’re okay losing money, as many Americans fed up with the anti-Americanism coming from the NFL, have made it clear they will not buy another Nike product!

The sports clothing/shoes market is incredibly competitive, this was a stupid choice to make only widening the divide that already exists in this country. Nike, you were out of the fight over the Flag and Anthem and now you jumped head first into it! STUPID, very stupid, you’ll learn the hard way from committing corporate suicide… hate to be you when stockholders get shellacked when the markets open!