Leftist Dad Dares Daughter $100 to Knock Off Kid’s MAGA Hat [Video]

“I’ll pay you $100 if you go up and knock the hat off that kid’s head.”

Father of the Year material huh? This is today’s democrat party, where we now have parents encouraging their children to commit simple assault. Yes that’s right whomever the “dad” is here, his little angel committed simple assault and battery and he should be charged for contributing to the delinquency of a minor! FYI you don’t have the right to touch another person just because you feel like you do. The moment you lay your hands on another person you’re committing battery.

The pair soon enough will be identified and then we’ll hear the sad stories about how they’re being threatened online, people are calling his work to have him fired and she’s being picked on in school. Right? That’s how these things usually go, the bullies turn themselves into the victims, and the mainstream media come to their rescue making them out to be saints.

What’s more important to point out here is this is direct result of Rep Maxine Waters‘ call to go after and harass the Trump administration, which of course trickles down to Trump supporters. Waters isn’t alone in this, as CNN’s Chris Cuomo and many in the media more or less defend Antifa and Leftists acting out like this.
“it’s just a hat getting knocked off” until the next time when someone takes a step further… oh wait they already have. This site and many others have documented the ongoing assaults being committed by Leftists against Trump supporters. Things will escalate they always do, and who do you think will be blamed when Trump supporters start hitting back much harder?

The only way squash attacks like this, as innocent as it may appear to some, is to press charges. If this happens to you go after them, don’t blow it off, if you do you’re setting precedent that it’s okay and they’ll do more.