Gun Grabber Mark Kelly Calls For Making Gun Designs Illegal [Video]

What Mark Kelly said is this clip should scare the hell out of people. This is tyranny in the making, and symbolizes the very threat to our Republic from democrats. Sen Bill Nelson had in fact submitted a bill make gun designs, in this case for 3D printing, illegal.

Thankfully, Sen Mike Lee expressed his concern with it, as it should be everyone’s, citing the first line in the bill that reads, “It shall be unlawful for any person to intentionally publish…”, blocking the bill from going forward.

Legislation like this will open the door to anything being make illegal, fill in the blank after that first line Lee read. It’s dangerous for a lawmaker to write a bill making something they don’t approve of, or understand illegal.

Mark Kelly and his wife fmr Congresswoman Gabby Giffords have taken every measure possible to disarm Americans. They can have them, but you can’t. Democrats, Leftists can say they don’t want to take our rights away but their actions prove otherwise. This hysteria over 3D printed weapons is loaded with more untruths than we’ve seen on any other issue as of late. You CANNOT build an undetectable weapon, it’s against the law, more specifically 18 U.S.C. § 922(p) – Undetectable Firearms Act of 1988; it’s literally in the name!

Posting the 3D printing code is no different from allowing one to purchase The Anarchist Cookbook, which tells you how to make bombs to Ricin, or Mein Kampf! The code is everywhere,  the Left is going after Cody Wilson and Distributed Defense because why not, he’s the high-profile “anarchist” behind it, or is it because in that settlement the DOJ also conceded AR-15’s ARE NOT military weapons!! Yea funny thing no one is talking about that… yet!

The plans for building guns are all over the net. If Mark Kelly and Sen Nelson are serious, not just posturing for political expediency and donations, why haven’t they called for the removal all gun designs readily available at the US Patent Office?! Uh huh, exactly!

This issue is not only about the one’s right to privately build weapons for their own personal use but also about the First Amendment. Democrats and Leftists, as usual, want to pick and choose what is and isn’t permitted. We cannot give them an inch on any of this.