Violent Leftists Attack Trump Supporters at Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame Star [Video]


Leftists comment that people on the Right are violent and dangerous, citing their love for the Second Amendment, guns and support of the NRA. Yet time after time Leftists are the ones drawing first blood against those they vehemently oppose. Since, Pres Trump’s nomination to date we have one example after another of the Left attacking Trump supporters.

Here’s another clear example that took place last night in Hollywood, CA at Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame Star, that was destroyed by an unhinged Leftist. Trump supporters, singer Joy Villa and “YouTuber” Elijah Schaffer (among a few others), showed up to show they stand with the President, minding their own business having a good time until unhinged Leftists showed up and trouble followed. One “person” in particular calling himself the ‘therealsnakeboy1’ on Instagram, who is clearly a racist, gradually instigated things, getting in Villa’s face, until finally fists started to fly…

Here’s the full video when ‘therealsnakeboy1’ showed up carrying on, taking his shirt off in some sad attempt of intimidation, using foul language, clearly trying to start trouble. As you would expect words were exchanged, with charges of racism and hate being made by him and many in the crowd to anyone who sides with Trump. Again this man had no problem getting in a woman’s, Joy Villa’s, face. Tensions of course rose as Leftists always run out of things to say, besides “F Donald Trump”. Being incapable of defending his position this “person” left for a few minutes only to return with friends to start a fight.

These people do not want to talk, or have a open civil debate. They want to make declarations of their hate for the President and his supporters, expecting compliance or else….

The Left can point the finger of blame all they want at the Right claiming they’re dangerous, but facts are facts Leftists are unhinged and violent. Why these people continually insist on agitating the Right, the very same people buying weapons and ammunition at record levels, is puzzling. The day is coming when the people on the Right are not only going to hit back, but hit back very hard.